Our digital University was started up in 1989, in Pasadena, California. The initiative got positive attention from many academics worldwide. Through the years, UQD was involved not just in education and science, but increasingly in projects for the people, by the people. UQD is a foundation, but because of the co-operation and exchange of information and experience in our worldwide network, it has the character of a co-operative educational and scientific institute. Our target is the implementation of a Good Stewardship of All Life, based upon education that respects history, nature and culture and embraces the sustainable future. UQD supports the setting up of Preventive Healthcare Centers.

Our education strategy evolved to an addition to academic education in general. Universities worldwide are commonly teaching based upon what is proven in the past and supported by scientific research. Future developments are often put aside, or reserved for promotion research. This hardly leaves space for prognoses based upon new technologies.

The repetitive number of crises in the last centuries brought innovative solutions. The latest crisis we are in now requires a complete shift in many fields, to form the basis of the new paradigm, the daily practice of the implementation of our mutual “out of the box thinking and doing”.

The youngest children that are born, have abilities that we do not have. Because of that, changes of the educational systems became not just unavoidable, but absolutely necessary to offer the youngest generation the assistance they are in need of for their healthy development.

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