Our Vision is to be a Generator of Generators, to help others to help others, a facilitator, without EGO, being a supporter of change for the good and well being of all(-that-is).

Underneath you can read the Visions of some of these 'others'. If you resonate, connect, if you do not resonate connect as well, for only an exchange and melting of Visions can bring the required change. We are all in the understanding of not being perfect, perfection is a slow process, like a stone being rounded by a flowing river. Lets be the stones, AND be the river. May our actions be influenced by these thoughts.

Higher and higher we vibrate and resonate and vibrate, ad infinitum, for there are NO limits except for those we make limiting ourselves.

We have a dream ...

Lana B.
Luke Barnesmoore
Suzanne Edwards
Greg O'Neill
Bill Donavan
Mushin Mato Wambli
Prof. Dr. Hubert Zeitlmair h.c.D.
Prince Patrick from the Noble House Molier


Royaum Sans Frontières
Geographic Location Currently Known as The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce:
Dutch / English Number: 53413156

Sharing Abundance

Fully Transparent
to Kind-Man by Kind-Man ...

Your Support makes Possible, even when seemingly 'little'!

We no longer have BANK-ACCOUNT, however, PayPall allows us shop online for Projects, or ask us for a Friendly PERSON to receive via WU