Copyright or Right To Copy?

As good stewards of life we do not believe in such a thing as property, so, as such there can be no such thing as copyright! All is Free for All, for as Isaac Newton said before; We are all standing on the shoulders of giants, nothing we think we have conceived ourselves would have been possible without the help and knowledge of those who came before us!!! So, let us be humble, and share, all that we have, for the only thing we do is adding value to that which was.

What this means is we can not ask anything for what we do, but, we do have Expenses, for our Foundation, the needs of our Teachers, our Research. You are free to take, for personal use, all that we produce, but we do ask you to consider making a Donation to the Foundation, if you can afford, as much as you would like to share, to enable us to continue sharing.

The part not being free (for the time the concept of money keeps existing) is the connection with our Teachers, the actual Educational Program. Still, we ask reasonable prices, giving you 1on1 direct contact with a Teacher or Professor, something unheard of in the current 'educational' system, leading to true knowlege...


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Your Support makes Possible, even when seemingly 'little'!

We no longer have BANK-ACCOUNT, however, PayPall allows us shop online for Projects, or ask us for a Friendly PERSON to receive via WU