This section is included to assist in Making Dreams Come True, not just for ourselves, but also for artists, materials for workshops, etc.
All transfers to others as shown below, please make them directly to them, we are not involved nor 'responsable', just a Free Service to help like minded ...


Please visit Anti Suger Association + Alternative Research Center and help the creators in materializing a Solar-Powered Mobile Clinic in Congo, to treat malaria and diabetes wound care ...

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Please visit Bartholemew - A Green Adventure and help the creators in materializing the sequence of pictures for our children to realize the importance of nature and environment ...

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Alexander Donskoi

Please visit Alexander Donskoi for more pieces of art available in Neo-Renaissance style than shown here ...

The Artist and Merchants

The Presentation of Gifts

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Gone With The Wind Gallerie

Please visit Gone With The Wind Gallerie for more pieces of art available than shown here ...

M57 Ring Nebula

3 Decembre 2012 Saturne, Venus, Mercury 2737 annees Alignement planetaire

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Imker Family Nguyen

Dutch Honeybees Donating most of their produce, put in glass jars by the Imker Family Nguyen (Rijswijk - NL). 250 gram jar €3.00, 450 gram jar €5.00, also available handmade candles, €1.50 per two. FULL PROFIT Donated to Child Surgery Vietnam Foundation, OPEN HEART Foundation & Orphans of Kontum-Vietnam Foundation ...

Bees performing their Magic at Wilhelmina Park

Harvesting the Fresh Honey

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Malta Discovery

Please visit Maltadiscovery Prehistory Research Foundation, check site for options to help or support ongoing research ...
Also check Expedition for taking part in or supporting current under water research ...

Ash.ta.ra; the mystic Rose of Sha.rān and Commanding Fleet’s Admiral of 3 Star-Base-Ships

Asu.ara-tSi.dha, Lord Protector & Herald of peace

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Surgery & Orphanages Vietnam

Please visit Child Surgery Vietnam Foundation and OPEN HEART Foundation & Orphans of Kontum-Vietnam Foundation Actie Imkerproject partially made possible by the Imker Family Nguyen (Rijswijk - NL) by donating FULL PROFIT of the Honey which has been Donated by the Bees and Nature itself ...

One of the many surgeons

Replicating culture

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Please visit to enter webshop, more models available than shown here ...

Vogelhuisje / Birdhouse

Schatkist / Treasury

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The UQD Foundation has some yearly expenses, such as for Internet Services and Domain Names.
Until now we were able to 'pay' for this ourselves, however, since most of us are no longer inside the Realms of COMMERCE, they no longer have 'money', as such pulling 'future' into now, mmmmmmmmmmm.
Dear Friends, please do Help Us Help, We Need YOU ...

To Help Us Help, have a look at the Right Side. You can use PayPal, this does have expenses, even when reduced for non-profits, 1.5% + €0.35, so make a calculation and check for cheapest way of transfer, such as via Western Union.

In case you have spare equipment no longer used, such as external HD 2.5" or wide screen laptop with hardware virtualisation option (allowing multi-OS, such as Linux or OpenBSD), a colour laser printer or cardridges for our HP CP1215.

For our ReCycle Project we are looking for Tools to take things apart, a BiCycle with a Support at front to carry things, such as microwave, would enlarge our Circle.
You would even do us a pleasure by bringing us things of metal or containing electric motors/transformers, flatscreens, etc.

Your Assistance be very much appreciated at geographical location currently known as The Hague, or any other Lock-at-ION appropriate.
Who knows, you might feel the urge to Sponsor Bus/Tram/Train, or you even be able Share some Space, for Kind-Man to Stay, for Projects.

Please, be Aware we can only Share Abundance that we Get Shared, to Kind-Man by Kind-Man, such as 'Materializing' Projects or 'Funding' ReSearch, and knoweth, this is Not BEGGING, it's an Invitation, for 'you', to Assist, by Expression of Free Will ...

Bare Minimum Required Funding; 2019 - 2020 (€ 100 needed ...)
Accounting Transparency; 2011 - 2012 2012 - 2013 2013 - 2014 2014 - 2015 2015 - 2016
2016 - 2017 2017 - 2018 2018 - 2019 2019 - 2020

Prince Patrick from the Noble House Molier

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Royaum Sans Frontières
Geographic Location Currently Known as The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce:
Dutch / English Number: 53413156

Sharing Abundance

Fully Transparent
to Kind-Man by Kind-Man ...

Your Support makes Possible, even when seemingly 'little'!

We no longer have BANK-ACCOUNT, however, PayPall allows us shop online for Projects, or ask us for a Friendly PERSON to receive via WU