After much discussion, we have decided to make a move away from a monthly Newsletter. This move is an attempt to allow us more time to bring you interesting stories, we should not get trapped in-to just filling pages. We hope you have enjoyed our past issues, and we look forward to making this Newsletter even more engaging in the near future. Who knows, we may change the format or the stream of stories might continue flow monthly after all, would not that be lucky us …


Servus Brothers (m/f/n),

Be it Known, the Spirit of our Beloved Grand Master Sovereign White Knights and Chairman University of Quantum Dynamics Foundation, Professor Stephen Palmer, had decided 'time' is Now to Pass On to Next Level, so All His Energies be Used for a Next Realm/Play-Ground, where surely 'you' be Invited, as a Child Among Children, to Enjoy within Eternity, by Expression of Free Will.
Much still Un-Known, even to 'us', close to him.
To those Wishing be In-Formed, Please do contact and/or have a look his In Memory I AM ...


As of Today we no longer have Departments as such. That we have now are Courses and Workshops, leading directly to that you are interested in, while Knowledge could te Transfered by Individual Messages Pages. More to be added, but for now, Enjoy and have Fun …


As of start this year we let Fly Away our Brothers (m/f) of the Sovereign White Knights. Surely it was voluntary, it does take a few Shekles a year extra for hosting, but it be worth it. Please do check their New Site, based on Principles of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). We do try keep information based on Old Links available, as mentioned in several PDF. This, our UQD Foundation site, may also see some changes, such as we consider addition of Local Workshops ...


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We are undergoing major changes in the website; making it easy to navigate, access the areas of interest, and when the Spring Semester starts in January 2013, we should have the essential curriculum in place, a bio on the teacher and a short essay on the course.

Some courses will have a traditional scaling system for grading; critical courses will have a pass or fail only (You either know it, or you don't). No courses will have parrot education, you are not a robot, and we are not your programmers; we are your guides, we teach you where to find you, then where to find the data you need for a full understanding of the subject.

The world outside seems to be reacting and not initiating; most are a top dead center, not wanting to wiggle. Fear is their programming, and until the light from education and the love from within nudges them to action, they are frozen!


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