This University is first and foremost a Non-Profit Foundation for Sharing Knowledge and performing (Re)Search by means of Open Mind. We offer many Free Materials and Specialized Online Courses, where Skype or Google chat are used to inter-act real-time.

For those that believe in being pre-programmed in a fixed structure, like B.Sc., M.Sc. to Ph.D. and M.D., please look elsewhere, for all others we just provide Real Knowledge, Parrot education is for SLAVES and ROBOTS.

At increasing locations Workshops be available. These workshops will be for a broad audience, mostly very practical and hands-on. Even for the youngest we prepare a real learning experience, you are never too young to start gaining real knowledge. Combining Knowledge with Individual Experience will bring you Wisdom!

Wisdom Liberates from Fixed Patterns, so we invite All to apply Free Speech, Thinking and Doing, leading to Claiming their Own Sovereignty, as Walking Kingdoms, by Expression of Free Will.

Those that feel the Wish Share Knowledge on a Certain Subject, or able provide a Workshop, Please do Contact ...


Royaum Sans Frontières
Geographic Location Currently Known as The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce:
Dutch / English Number: 53413156

Sharing Abundance

Fully Transparent
to Kind-Man by Kind-Man ...

Your Support makes Possible, even when seemingly 'little'!

We no longer have BANK-ACCOUNT, however, PayPall allows us shop online for Projects, or ask us for a Friendly PERSON to receive via WU