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Carina Canoy


Carina Canoy, creator and founder of Peer2Tech, an experienced project manager and lawyer (specialisation European tendering, Public Private Partnerships) in real estate.

Worked as an independent professional since 1998 for many organizations such as Schiphol, Central Government Buildings Agency (current Central Government Real Estate Agency), Ministry of Finance, Royal Haskoning (current Royal HaskoningDHV) and various municipalities.

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Past performance

The reason I specialized in real estate is because it covers a wide field, with many disciplines involved. I like variation and complex multi disciplinary projects, so I have mostly more than one client at the same time. I've managed many projects as a project manager, program manager, proces manager, you name it, and also as a (sometimes legal) advisor. I like to fill in different roles in different environments.

  • More than 20 years of experience in real estate, managing changes like facelifts of buildings, creating temporary buildings, removals.
  • Guidance of European tenders, public private partnerships (DBFMO), contract management, tender management.
  • (implementing) organization advises, advises regarding energy savings, integrated design and risk assessments, the new way of working.
  • Purchasing all kind of things, professionalization of (purchasing) departments.
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As I am a pioneer and creative person and miss innovation in the world of real estate, I founded Peer2Tech. It's a centre of innovation about the application of new techniques to promote the creativity and personal development of and coöperation between people and businesses.

3D printing is the new way of manufacturing and it's fun to do. There are many application possibilities for 3D printing, but the majority have never done it or stuck in it.

It's no fablab, no focus specific on people who know what they want and what's possible, but especially on curious people and businesses, who like to be helped at their first steps into the digital world of today. In phases of awareness to introduction, training courses and the implementation in the organization.

The way we (are going to) learn and work is not the same as the way our parents did. How do we do it now? We put people on the move and inspire for the new mobility.

People come to Peer2Tech for fun, inspiration and education!

My ideal is to use all my experience in a new role as manager innovation.

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  • 3D printing
  • Permanent bèta
  • VPRO Tegenlicht
  • Disruptive innovation/economy
  • Sustainability
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To that which keeps me animated:
  • peer2tech
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Royaum Sans Frontières
Geographic Location Currently Known as The Netherlands
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Dutch / English Number: 53413156

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