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Lady Elizabeth Donavan


Who am I? I have asked that question so often I’ve lost count. As a child I had no answer, as I just WAS, and that perhaps was the best state to be in. When I grew up, I was a younger child in a family of four, with one older sister. I was ignored and unwanted, as if there was something fundamentally different about me that they did not understand, or want to understand. When I was old enough to have a job, my identity was my profession, as it is with most in their 20’s. When I had a relationship, it was with that person.

Now, I AM. I exist as a sentient being in an intelligent universe. I acknowledge other beings in their sovereign space. That is all, and who could ask for more?

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About the Caterpillar and the Butterfly

Looking back over the decades, I can see that there is an alchemical process whereby the accumulation of knowledge is a catalyst for more questions. It is a slow process—and one where while it is occurring one doesn’t realize the change. You have to look back to see the difference in retrospect similar to looking at old photos of yourself and seeing the difference.

In my 20s I was cocky and headstrong, and had hard opinions. In my 30s I had seen enough to recognize grey areas, and cared for my father who was Ill with cancer. I wanted to see beyond—into infinity if that were possible, and got into remote viewing and psychometry, and as a scientist looked for the answers for how that worked. Those answers surprised me, and the holographic structure of the universe is just now gaining widespread recognition, as I knew it so long ago in my own epiphany. I have nearly died twice, and realize that the body is the hardware—the avatar we use to interact with this reality.

Part of the catalyst for this was the biological condition I was born with, and would separate me from a large part of humanity if I allowed it. I realize you either change or die, and I made the conscious decision to change supported by those who counseled me in this direction. While the physical is an imperfect projection of who we are, I have made it a closer approximation, and I am happier with the image. I carry the knowledge of who I was to who I am now in confidence that I can apply all the experiences and insights toward the future life that awaits me.

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Defining the Path

There are so many philosophies that I have studied: Rosicrucian, Buddhism, The Bhagavad-Gita, The Macro Philosophy of Thea Alexander, The Ultimate Frontier of Richard Kieninger, Theosophy, The Bible, Hermetics, as well as others. A friend of mine remarked at one time I was in the religion of the month club, as I was examining everything to look for commonalities for a coherent path in life. Have I found it? Perhaps not, but I am still looking. Another friend told me that it takes a lifetime to find the path, and sometimes you come to the end before finding it. I will not stop trying, and the knowledge that I have gained has brought me peace of mind and soul in the process, and perhaps that is all one can hope for.

I also have my science and engineering background to guide me, and it gives me balance. When belief is not enough, and the intangible cannot be grasped, then I look at critical analysis. When science in its hard and dry persona is too much, I take solace in the philosophical pursuits. One must have both for balance. One or the other in extreme results in a kind of myopia of the mind and spirit, and must be avoided.

I am also guided by the wisdom of my friends, and take their advice seriously. They have experiences I do not have, and I recognize that. It is a perspective that while we can imagine what they might have seen and experienced, the totality escapes us. I believe those philosophers who are living must be respected for who they are and what they believe, and if it applies to our own lives, then it enriches us. If not, then one respects them for their own sovereign beings, and moves on.

I also believe, and my intuition tells me this—that we are going to see significant changes in the collective consciousness of humanity. When this will occur I cannot say, but perhaps a part of this will happen in our lifetime, with the balance over the upcoming millennia, as we discover that we are not the only conscious beings in the universe, or other universes next door. I perceive that we are being contacted already, and some may not realize this on a conscious level, but on an intuitive one.

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Skill Sets

  • 3D Printing with Leapfrog printer and Repetier & Cura Software
  • Electronic Design & troubleshooting
  • Mechanical Design in Alibre 3D
  • Electromechanical Repair
  • Alternative Energy Research
  • Editing; Newspaper, Book, Technical Article
  • Nursing; Caregiving
  • Cooking; Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Spanish, Italian, Southern US, Beer & Winemaking
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  • Glimpses of Epiphany (Previous Incarnation)
  • Antigravity Handbook (Also Previous Incarnation)
  • Power Point Presentations on Energy & Propulsion
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Hiking, Snorkeling, Reading, Writing, Astronomy, Health & Beauty, remote viewing (best way to travel!), talking with friends.

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Knighthood; Sovereign White Knights - Order of Saint Germain.

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Royaum Sans Frontières
Geographic Location Currently Known as The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce:
Dutch / English Number: 53413156

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