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Prof. Hubert Zeitlmair h.c.D.


A very old fourth level Spirit currently incarnated into this my vessel (= an avatar or a lower frequented body) of the same old Bloodline Zejt.el a.mir.

Once, I as a matured Spirit merged into a certain human beings flesh forming one unit. This blood-relationship shall exist until the end of the days of a certain cycle. In this current incarnation I am Hubert Zeitlmair born at 22nd May 1954 in the city of Augsburg situated in good old Bavaria state (Germany).

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  • Professor of History and Archaeology - University of Quantum Dynamics Foundation, the Netherlands
  • Founder and Executive of the Maltadiscovery Prehistory Research Foundation and Mystery school in Malta
  • Discoverer of the unique Maltese Underwater temple complex of Ğebel Ğol-Bahar
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My teaching into the world of the past Ice-age civilization of Atlantis is based on my more than 20 yearlong research into pre-history that contains… study of Atlantis records engraved with strange script signs on stone tablets and other ancient texts, field-work, intuition and logic.

The course contains the…
teaching about respect to our still available Extra-terrestrial Creators and consequently for all Planetary life on Earth,
teaching about the Atlantis matrix as a duplication of Extra-terrestrial life on Earth,
teaching about Atlantis Lifestyle, Women power their Sexuality rites,
teaching about Atlantis technologies, and their natural energy systems,
teaching about the overcoming of the human transience.
This however, is what one call magic in present days!

At my courses, I try to dissolve confusion based on misinterpreted historical events. With this I am going to offer a completely new life perspective instead. Whoever is able to take my thoughts becomes well strengthened and can continue his further Way of life full of confidence!!

But whoever want to follow me need Absolute Integrity of his mental mind to understand my Philosophy!

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