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Prof. Stephen Palmer In Memory I AM


I have far too many so called clients, but I charge nothing for my services. I have no bank account, no currency, no credit cards or cash cards, no citizenship of any country, I was born in the sky within Earth´s atmosphere; I am Sovereign, Grandmaster SWKM-OSG, Educator in esoteric anthropology, spiritual alchemy, quantum dynamics, matrix holography and energy systems, computer and information technologies, natural energy systems; what you call magic, I call normal; I have no master, I am the master, I am the one; being there makes the changes. I thus control my local area without verbiage or force, without fear or intimidation, without illusions like governments, religions or money; education transferred by thought and feeling, not books or classrooms; My helpers are my Knights and their Priors, and those that keep the 5 tenants:

  • Unconditional Love and Respect for all Life
  • Absolute Integrity
  • Absolute Accountability
  • Total Transparency
  • Humility

  • My vessel [body or avatar] and my divine spirit are one and one with the universe. Thus no marketing and false economies built from thin air have a place on new earth; trading with love and respect what they have for what they need is all that is required to thrive. Consumerism has killed this planet, and it is my aware and conscious intent to restore the balance and return the earths abundance for the oneness of all.

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    I am free to change the hologram and thus the program and illusion that allows total freedom without currency, to thrive and control my own destiny, to be happy and healthy.
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    Royaum Sans Frontières
    Geographic Location Currently Known as The Netherlands
    Chamber of Commerce:
    Dutch / English Number: 53413156

    Sharing Abundance

    Fully Transparent
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    We no longer have BANK-ACCOUNT, however, PayPall allows us shop online for Projects, or ask us for a Friendly PERSON to receive via WU