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Prince Patrick from the Noble House Molier


  • Electronic Engineering and Technology
    Digi Boek 1 - Inleiding Digitale Techniek (6.6MB)
    Digi Boek 2 - Inleiding Digitale Techniek (11.2MB)
    Gedrukte Bedradingen - Handleiding voor het maken van Printplaten (4MB)
    Several Free Radio Magazines, inc Schematics for FM Radio Transmitters (Dutch)
    FRM januari '82 - Preemphaseschakelong (1.5MB)
    FRM februari '82 - Oscillator (1.4MB)
    FRM maart '82 - 5 Watt Stuurzender (1.5MB)
    FRM april '82 - 35 Watt Eindversterker (1.5MB)
    FRM mei '82 - Zelfbouw Antenne (1.9MB)
    FRM juni'82 - Kristaloscillator (2.1MB)
    FRM juli-augustus '82 - 90/150W Lineair (2.5MB)
    FRM september '82 - 5Watt Zender (2.3MB)
    FRM october '82 (1.3MB)
    FRM november '82 - Frequentieteller 1GHz (3.2MB)
    FRM december '82 - Toonregeling (2.1MB)
    FRM januari '83 - Stereocoder (2.5MB)
    FRM februari '83 - Limiter (2.0MB)
    FRM maart '83 - PLL Oscillator (2.1MB)
    FRM april '83 - 10Watt Zender (2.6MB)
    FRM mei '83 - Voedingen (1.2MB)
    FRM juni'83 (0.6MB)
    FRM juli-augustus '83 - Dummyload (5.3MB)
    FRM september '83 - 180Watt Lineair (3.2MB)
    FRM october '83 - 350Watt Lineair (3.6MB)
    FRM november '83 - Mengpaneel (2.1MB)
    FRM december '83 januari '84 - Frequentieteller 1Hz tot 1GHz (2.0MB)
    FRM februari '84 (1.9MB)
    FRM april-mei '84 - UHF TV Zender (2.6MB)
    FRM juni'84 - Antennesystemen (1.5MB)
    FRM juli '84 - Antennesystemen (0.4MB)
    FRM augustus '84 - Antennesystemen (0.8MB)
    FRM september-october '84 - Antennesystemen (0.5MB)
    FRM november '84 - MOSFET Oscillator (0.6MB)
    FRM december '84 - Ontstoren (0.7MB)
    FRM januari '85 - PLL Oscillator (1.1MB)
    FRM februari '85 - Ontstoren (1.0MB)
    FRM maart '85 - Ontstoren (0.9MB)
    Lineaire RF versterker (0.6MB)
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Information & Communication Technology

  • Free Goodies!
    This I want to share is all the above combined, an OpenBSD based FireWall, a Soekris box using just 10W, with several tools installed to make the networked life more secure and easy.
    I do appologize for the rest of the story in Dutch, for believe it or not, I made these documents on purpose not in English, mmmmmmmmmm. But, I will take care of that later, not just that, I will update the system to latest versions. Now, when making install based on these docs, be aware syntax has changed, like for packet filter (pf), so, get the 4.8 version to make it function. You could try latest versions for the tools, latest available, meaning not latest development versions, for OpenBSD community takes its time to make function securely.
    Bekijk de bijgesloten documenten, let op de volgorde van installatie. De wijze waarop het hierin gebeurt is mogelijk niet de slimste of de snelste, het is functioneel, indien je een slimmere manier weet hoef je deze docu niet te lezen, dan kun je het zelf. Verder, het kan zijn dat er nog wat commentaar in staat, in rood, dat was voor mij bedoelt om nog verder te verduidelijken of uit te zoeken.

    • HowTo OpenBSD Firewall met Secure Anonymous Access
    • HowTo OpenBSD Basis Installatie
    • HowTo OpenBSD Basis Packet Filter
    • HowTo OpenBSD Tijd Synchronisatie
    • HowTo OpenBSD Local Caching DNS + DNSSEC _BIND_
    • HowTo OpenBSD Local Caching DNS + DNSSEC _UNBOUND_
    • HowTo OpenBSD Secure Remote Access
    • HowTo OpenBSD Proxy + Anti-Malware
    • HowTo OpenBSD Anonymous External Access, this part, TOR, not implemented yet ...
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Life Sciences

  • Alchemy
    Alan Watts
    Also Sprach Zarathustra (Deutch) (English)
    Children of the Law of One - Lost Teachings Atlantis
    Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean
    Frabato the Magician
    Hyperdimensional Alchemy
    Voina i Mir / War and Peace
  • Esoteric Anthropology
    Terrence McKenna
  • Evolutionary Sciences and Quantum Entanglement
    Consciousness Science Kept Hidden
    Divine Matrix
    Hidden Meanings
    Inner Worlds, Outher Worlds - Part I of IV
    Taking 100% Responsibility for The World We Have Created
    Zero Point - Part I of IV
    13 Signs Astrology
  • Imagination and Creation
    Imagining Reality
  • Intelligent Design
    Waking Up To Creation
  • Off Grid
    Beer Can Camping Stove
    Pallet House
    Rocket Stove from Concrete Blocks
  • Sociology
    Now, be a Good Slave and Get Programmed ...
    Message to Police
    Sociology 1 - Lecture 1 of 26
  • You tell me, but it is interesting
    Hidden Meanings of Letters
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  • Psychology
    About Nature and its Caretakers of Dominion
    Dreaming the New Story 'alive'
    Re-Inventing the HU-MAN
    The Age of Ecology
  • Psychosophy
    A Schizophrenic Society
    A Schizophrenic Society (final)
    4 Life Series
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Wealth Distribution

  • Sharing
  •       'money', invented to keep slaves happy
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